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Salmon & Capers Pasta $23

Lemon cream sauce with baby spinach, salmon, capers.

Prawn & Bacon Pasta $23

Dino's Rose sauce with baby spinach, prawn, bacon, onion and mushroom.

Penne Carbonara $21

Carbonara sauce with bacon, mushrooms, onion. 

Penne Napoletana $21

Napoletana sauce with chorizo, bacon, baby spinach, onion. 


Alfredo sauce with chicken, bacon, onion, mushroom.

Tortellini $21

Tortellini filled with chicken, bacon and mozzarella, onion, portobello mushrooms in Favore’s dreamy creamy sauce.

Beef Lasagne $23

Grass fed beef cooked in a rich bolognese sauce, served with a side of salad greens

Spaghetti Bolognaise $21

Grass fed beef bolognese


Porcini mushroom ravioli, creamy portobello mushroom sauce, truffle oil, truffle zest, parmesan.

Spaghetti Carbonara $21

Carbonara sauce with bacon, onion, mushroom (no egg).

Vegetarian Penne $21

Napoletana sauce with roasted vegetables, baby spinach, onion, mushroom.

Gnocchi $21

Napoletana sauce with roasted vegetables, baby spinach, onion, mushroom.

Chilli Pesto Penne Pasta $23

Creamy chilli pesto with onion, baby spinach, cherry bocconcini mozzarella (add chicken $3) 

Dino's Spaghetti $21

A rich Napoletana sauce.

*GLUTEN FREE penne pasta available on request – choose your sauce preference

Kids Pasta.

Mac n cheese. $15

Macaroni, bacon and cheese.

Spaghetti in Favore’s rich tomato sauce

Favore’s famous rich tomato sauce.


Margherita Sml $15, Lrg $20

Dino's pizza sauce, cheese, fresh basil.

Amante Della Carne Sml $19.50, Lrg $25

Pepperoni, chorizo, ham, bacon, onion.

Mirtillo Pollo Sml $19.50, Lrg $25

Roasted chicken, onion, portobello mushroom, brie, cranberry sauce.

Capriccioso Sml $19.50, Lrg $25

Portobello mushroom, black and green olives, capers, artichoke, anchovies.

Hawaiian Sml $19.50, Lrg $25

Ham and pineapple.

Vegetarian Sml $19.50, Lrg $25

Portobello mushroom, onion, roasted red capsicum, artichoke, black and green olives, capers, baby spinach.

Quattro Stagioni Sml $19.50, Lrg $25 

Ham, pepperoni, portobello mushrooms, baby spinach, prawns. Topped with sriracha aioli sauce.

Dino's Supreme Sml $23, Lrg $28

All the toppings. 

Dino's White Pizza Sml $19.50, Lrg $25

Cheesy bechamel, garlic, mozzarella, brie, fresh herbs.

Pizza Garlic n cheese $15

Pizza Garlic bread $12.50

Bacon & Onion Bread Sml $16.50, Lrg $19.50

Toppings $3

Sauces $2

Parmesan $3

Chilli Flakes $2

*GLUTEN FREE pizza bases available on request(large size only).
*All other dietary preferences please ask our friendly server.


Fries $9

Truffle Fries$12

Green Leaf Salad $15

Salad greens, tomato, red onion, roasted red capsicum, artichoke, ginger&lime dressing, topped generously with regiano parmigiana cheese.

Chicken Salad $17.50 

Salt n Pepper Squid $13.50

7 pieces, aioli, sriracha, salad, lemon.


Tiramisu $14.80

Banoffee $14.80

Citrus Trifle $14.80

Citrus trifle, jelly, lemon curd custard, sponge cake and cream.

Berry Trifle $14.80

Blueberry trifle, jelly, custard, sponge cake and cream. 

Kids Desert $7.50

chocolate cake, jelly,fruit, custard and cream.

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